Branching out Internationally: Erasmus 2018-2020

Our Exciting New Project

RESPECT, RE-USE , RECYCLE aims to achieve lifelong changes in attitudes and behaviour so that we can all contribute to making our world a better place. 

This amazing Erasmus funded project enriches the teaching and learning in all of the schools involved. We work in close collaboration with our partner schools in France, Denmark, Catalonia, Spain and Ireland . Through the funding awarded, partners are all able to provide wonderful opportunities and experiences for our school communities . 

In addition , the project enables us to offer the incredibly unique opportunity for older primary school aged pupils and their teachers to travel to partner countries overseas to learn more about one another. The costs of travel are funded by Erasmus, allowing any pupil, regardless of their financial situation,  to participate. This is a really empowering experience which many pupils and their families say is one of the highlights of their primary school years. They acquire first hand knowledge and understanding of different cultures, languages and ways of life . Just as importantly they develop resilience, self confidence, and respect. 

Over the next 2 years the schools involved will exchange ideas and work collaboratively on activities highlighting the need for global tolerance, understanding and awareness about environmental issues. We will all be implementing small changes within our school communities that collectively make a positive impact. 

Look out in the coming months for some of the fantastic and innovative  work we will be doing. Please feel free to contact either school if you'd like to find out more about this project and the international work we do. 

Sophie Hampton and Tracy Soccorsy - Erasmus Project Coordinators say 'Our two schools have been involved in Comenius and Erasmus funded international projects for a number of years. We have formed strong relationships with our partner schools in Europe and are please to welcome an additional Irish partner school to this new project. In such an uncertain climate, we are thrilled to have been awarded another substantial grant to enable us to continue and develop this valuable work.