Community Links

We at St Julian's Church School pride ourselves on our strong links with the Parish of Wellow and surrounding communities. 
Spiritual and Growing Garden
Acting upon the discussions with the children we have worked together to redevelop our allotment to create a new Spiritual and Growing Garden. The garden was created to provide not only a sensory area including a variety of scents, textures, sights and sounds but also a quiet place where children can go to reflect and find peace as well continue to encompass our ethos of learning for life. The children also researched and found a number of quotes that they felt inspired then to develop holistically and would inspire and provoke thought whilst in the gardens. Without the help of our local community it would not have been possible.  We have been lucky to have wonderful donations from local companies of building materials as well as offers to make benches and planters specifically for the gardens, the funding from our fantastic PTA as well as time given by local villagers helping to water and care for gardens whilst school is on holiday. 
Visitors from the main World Faiths and Beliefs
We have been fortunate to benefit from a SACRE grant again, which has enabled us to have a Hindu visitor (Satyen Gadher) who gave a presentation to both Goldfinch and Kingfisher classes.
This year, we have introduced Humanism into our RE curriculum. We were very lucky to have a very informative afternoon with Mike Gower, a Humanist who talked to Kingfisher Class about the 'Golden Rule' and how Humanists use it to guide their lives and make good decisions. He used the metaphor of building strong foundations of a house, to explain how Humanists build strong foundations for a good life, based on reason, empathy and experience.
NATRE Spirited Arts competition
Kingfisher Class entered the NATRE annual Arts competition under the theme of 'Looking for God',
Using their ART topic of Portraits, they created their faces and used them to show their beliefs about where we can see God.
21st November 2018
'VE Day' celebrations
Sycamore Class finished their World War 11 topic with a VE day celebration. They combined it with 'The Great St. Julian's Bake Off' where they competed to make the best cakes to serve.
They welcomed members of the Community, Governors and Parents and sang World War 11 songs and served tea and samples of their cakes.
     Guests then had the opportunity to vote for their favourite cake and the winning team received victory medals! 
Reception and Year 1  Christmas Experience
Reception and Year 1 have been thinking about Advent and it being a time of 'Preparation'
As part of their preparation for Christmas and their Nativity, they were treated to a Christmas experience in St. Julian's Church. Joined by George the pony (don't tell him he was a donkey), and Albert the ram, the children re-enacted the Christmas story aided by Tom Benyon, who was in great storytelling form!
The children were accompanied by parents and the family from Wellow Trekking Centre, who kindly brought George and Albert along.
This great Community event was a chance to learn about what the stable would have been like (smelly) and how ordinary people (shepherds) would have been some of Jesus' first visitors.
Open the Book
The children enjoy an Open the Book assembly every Wednesday.
What is Open the Book?
It’s a three-year rolling programme of themed and dramatised storytelling for primary schools. Teams of volunteers throughout the country use drama, mime, props, costume – and even the children and staff themselves – to present the Bible stories in lively and informative ways.
Puppet Worshops
Respect for all cultures and religions is embedded across the school. To promote this, we give the children lots of opportunities to experience visits to places of worship for different Christian faiths and also other World faiths. 
Walk Thru the Bible
The children in Kingfisher Class (year 5 & 6) have enjoyed learning about the bible through active storytelling.

What is Walk Thru the Bible?

They are a series lessons which help children engage with the Old and New Testament.

They locate the major geographical movements of all the key characters, and make them memorable.

The aim is to teach children the storyline of the Bible - the big picture. 

Using storytelling, drama, videos, multi-media and more ensures that all learning types (audio, visual and kinaesthetic) can connect.

They use unique keywords and handsigns to help everyone remember the storyline.

Above all it's FUN, it gets children excited about the most amazing book of all time.

Parish News
Building links and friendships
Every term one class from each of our federation schools team up together and take part in a Sports Festival organised by St Julian's Church School. The aim has been for children across all our federation schools to work together and compete as a federation team. Building on community links the festivals are held at our link school Writhlington Secondary who supply the facilities and their students as sports leaders to work with the children for free. This encourages the bond with our local secondary school and helps the transition to senior school. The children have not only enjoyed the different sports opportunities but also for staff to mix together. Year 5/6 kicked off the festivals with football, Year 3/4 with dodge ball and Year 1/2 with multi sports.