At St Julian’s our aim is for all children to see maths as a vital and integral part of everyday life.   We want children to be confident and enthusiastic towards maths.  

Our lessons are based on the National Curriculum within Key Stage 1 and 2 and based on the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage in Reception.   We follow an approach whereby we teach in ‘blocks’ so may spend several weeks on one topic before moving on to a new area of the curriculum.   This enables our children to dig deeper and consolidate the concepts in maths at a mastery level.  

We ensure children are given the opportunity to develop their fluency, reasoning and problem solving.   Children are encouraged to use a range of concrete resources such as counters, Numicon, Dienes and place value counters. They are encouraged to draw pictures to help them understand the concepts before moving on to more abstract maths.  

We teach maths through a range of different approaches, these may be games, practical activities, discussions in groups or with a partner. We use the outdoors as much as possible to engage learners and links are made to everyday experiences so children can see first hand the importance of maths in everyday life.   Children are encouraged to share their methods for solving calculations, as often children will get the same answer but will have approached it very differently.   Our classrooms are supportive and mistakes are seen as an opportunity for learning.   Questioning and deeper thinking are hugely valued at St Julian’s as we develop their mathematical skills for their life ahead.      

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