Music, Singing and The Arts

The Arts embody some of the highest forms of human creativity and we place great importance on engaging and inspiring children at St Julian's to allow them to develop their artistic skills. All classes learn about the Arts through their topics. We aim to provide many vibrant, rich and exciting opportunities for children to experiment with and explore the arts both through everyday learning and during specialist weeks , activities and performances. 


We frequently work with artists from a wide range of disciplines and our children have the opportunity to  perform at venues such as the Egg theatre, the Dance Umbrella competition at Bath Forum, Public speaking competitions , Wellow Arts trail, instrumental or singing performance in assemblies , at St Julian's Church , Bath Abbey, Wells Cathedral and our Erasmus partner schools across Europe. 


Our annual Arts week has become one of the most highly anticipated weeks of the year where, alongside traditional artistic disciplines, we try to arrange rather more unusual arts activities for children ( and their parents at after school workshops ) to explore, such as circus skills, mud painting, African drumming bands, photography etc etc. We have very strong links with specialists teachers from surrounding secondary schools, academies and colleges and greatly benefit from their skills in leading workshops. We are also highly fortunate to have a number of local, skilled and professional artists who are either parents or friends of St Julian's School who kindly donate their time and expertise to enhance our arts curriculum. 


St Julian's has a peripatetic music teacher who provides weekly individual and small group music lessons such as piano, guitar, clarinet, and violin , as well as a specialist music teacher who teaches all classes singing and musical notation. In addition, we are fortunate to have a professionally trained singer who provides a very popular singing club at lunchtimes for our pupils. 


Do come and have a look for yourself or ask our children about their views on the arts. If you are a professional artist from any discipline and would like to get involved with the Arts at St Julian's , we would love to hear from you. Please contact the school office.