Branching out Locally - Shoscombe Church School

St Julian's Church School first became linked to Shoscombe Church School in September 2012 when both schools along with Camerton Church School were Federated to become The Church Valley Schools Federation. On 31st August 2018 Camerton Church School closed and on 1st December 2018 St Julian's Church School and Shoscombe Church Schools joined the Midsomer Norton Partnership Trust. Now we are part of this larger multiple academy trust we can no longer be a Federation, however we continue to work in close collaboration as we share one executive head teacher and are led by one governing body.

Across the two schools teachers share expertise, learning strategies, inset days and resources. We plan many events throughout the year that enable pupils from both schools to work together-these include Eco projects, family afternoons, music events, sport activities, outdoor learning and French projects. Our Year 6 children also attend the summer camp together.


Our over-arching belief is that we are small school but with big aspirations and through working together with each other, and now with the other schools in the MNSP Trust, we are 'branching out for learning'. Jesus said 'I am the vine and you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit' (John 15:5). We believe that through our binding Christian values we will branch out to reap fruits of sharing, success and further learning.