RE and Collective Worship

Collective Worship Timetable
Monday - Shared worship
Tuesday - Church collective worship at St Julian's Church
Wednesday - Singing practice and worship
Thursday - Open the Book and class-led assemblies
Friday - Celebration assembly
Collective worship happens at 2:45pm every day.
Community Links
We actively seek to link with the local and wider Community. We welcome visitors from all faiths, and none, to help the children link lessons taught, with real life. We have a great Church Team who are engaged with the children's R.E. learning, from holding weddings and baptisms in church to visiting in school and leading assemblies. When possible, the children also visit places of worship.
Spiritual Development
Spiritual development is a big part of RE learning. Asking deep questions and being able to respectively express their own opinions, is encouraged, and the use of Godly Play and reflections, using 'I wonder questions' helps this. 
Child Led Worship
During collective worship, the children have the opportunity to plan and lead assemblies. Each class takes turns to contribute. 
In 2018-19 we have introduce class sharing assemblies. Parents are invited to join us for these.
Open the Book