History of St Julian

Our School is named after the saint Julian.
Only nine or ten churches in England are dedicated to a saint named Julian. There are several saints of that name, and, in most instances, it is not clear which is the patron. In the case of Wellow, however, it is thought that the church is dedicated to St Julian the Hospitaller.
Very little is known about St Julian the Hospitaller. Stories vary, but it seems that he was born a nobleman in the early 4th century. He had a passion for hunting and whilst pursuing that obsession one day, he was warned by a stag that he would kill his parents. This duly happened as a result of mistaken identity. As a penance, he and his wife devoted their lives to the poor, setting up an inn on a riverbank where they took in pilgrims and acting as ferrymen for those crossing the river. It is not known when or how Julian died.