Who's Who

Ruth Noall
Assistant Headteachers Tracy Soccorsy & Ceri Mapstone
Special Educational Needs Coordinator Tracy Soccorsy
Administration/Office Finance Staff Kate Edwards/Annette Harris
Teaching Staff    
EYFS/ KS1 Oak Class (YR & Y1) Karen Parker
  Chestnut Class  (Y1 & Y2) Louise Barnes
Key Stage 2    Beech Class (Y3 & Y4)     Allainah Rivers (on maternity leave and covered by Clair Hurley) and Miranda Wells
  Sycamore Class (Y5 & Y6)       Leah Sheppard and Tracy Soccorsy

Teaching & Classroom Support Staff
Karen Miles                        Higher Level Teaching Assistant & Teaching Assistant (Sycamore AMs)
Helen Lake                         Teaching Assistant (Beech mornings) Thrive practioner
Michelle Tiley                     Teaching Assistant (Oak)
Clare Newlove                     Teaching Assistant (Chestnut Mornings)
Helen Lake                          1:1 support/teaching assistant (Year 1/2 pm)
Lucy Trafford                     1:1 support/teaching assistant  (year 5/6)
Alice Cann                           1:1 support/teaching assistant  (Year 3/4)     

Karen Miles                          Cleaner

Gail Strother                         School Meals Supervisory Assistant
Tracey Carter                        School Meals Supervisory Assistant 
Hannah Murphy                      School Meals Supervisory Assistant
Claire Ditchfield                    School Meals Supervisory Assistant