Theme Weeks

From time to time we like to change our normal timetable and have a week to focus on one aspect of the curriculum. During a theme week we might have a range of visitors in school to talk to children in an assembly or to run workshops. We might also have a special sharing assembly.
Book Week and World Book Day 2019
We are very much looking forward to our Book Week which runs from Monday 4th to Friday 8th March. A variety of book-based activities will be happening during the week to inspire us all to enjoy reading more. Come to school dressed-up as a favourite book or film character on Friday 8th March and we are having a special reading at home challenge during the week too. More details to follow. 
  Our Wonderful World Artsweek 2019
We had an amazing week learning more about      
             Respect, Re-use and Recycle
  Single Use Plastic is not so Fantastic!!
We have been waging a war on single use plastics. We are trying not to have them at school and have tackled Sainsbury's about what they are doing to help our environment.